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Individual & Family Health Insurance
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The state of Texas has established a new type of plan called the Texas Health Assurance that is aimed at ensuring Texans are on the fast lane in terms of health insurance and other human related service. This was made a reality by the collective effort that saw the integration and merging of 12 health sector agencies in the state, transform into for departments directly under the custody and management of the Texan Health and Human service commission.

The Purpose and Aim of the Texas Health Assurance:

Besides providing the most attentive assistance to Texans medical and health concerns, Texan Health Insurance is focused on providing a lending hand and facilitates the lowering of managerial costs and form fund generation projects that will offer directly more health services to the citizens of Texas.

Advantages of Texas Health Assurance Program.

All insurance holders of the Texas health insurance are allowed to a health pool benefits plan. The Texas health Insurance includes great merits like the emergency care deduction, the calendar year deduction, doctor’s office visit co-payment and many more.


Texas health plans for individuals, families and small businesses from most of the leading Texas health insurance companies.


Health care coverage helps make it possible for your child to receive the checkups, shots, and medicine he or she needs to stay healthy and active.There are several ways you can buy health care coverage for your child. Many parents add their children to their group health plan at work or through an association. If this isn’t an option for you or is too expensive, consider these other ways to insure your child:

private health care coverage from an insurance company or health maintenance organization (HMO)
coverage through Children’s Medicaid
coverage through the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP)
coverage through the Texas Health Insurance Pool.


A Texas individual health insurance plan from Celtic Insurance Company provides you big coverage at a small rate.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, recent graduate, in-between jobs or just need affordable coverage, you’ll find a Celtic individual health plan in Texas that meets your needs. Celtic’s Texas individual health insurance plans have competitive benefits – ranging from copay office visits and Rx drugs to preventive care and valuable options – and prices to fit your budget.


There are a variety of family health insurance plans in Texas. It is very important that you balance the cost of coverage with the medical care your family needs. You may want to take less risk with your family health insurance than you would with your own. A comprehensive family health insurance plan that covers prescriptions and regular doctor visits may end up being more affordable in the long run, especially if you have a large family. Indemnity plans come with lower family health insurance premiums, but only cover catastrophic medical costs; most preventative care must be paid out-of-pocket. However, it may be suitable if any of your family members are attached to a particular physician or specialist not included in a managed plan network. You need to take your family’s health and needs into account, as well as your own, when choosing affordable family health insurance in Texas.


It is recommended that all students have health insurance coverage. For those who do not have coverage, Texas State has partnered with Academic Health Plans, Inc. to offer an optional insurance policy that is accepted by the Student Health Center.