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Individual & Family Health Insurance
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South Dakota health insurance is essential to protecting your well being and finances. Everyone needs access to medical care, though seeking care can be costly. Having a comprehensive South Dakota health insurance policy helps pay for the costs of doctor visits, routine tests and medical procedures. If you are uninsured and looking for an affordable health insurance policy in South Dakota, this easy-to-use website will guide you in finding a reputable health insurance company with many available coverage options.


As you compare medical plans, you must understand how deductibles will affect your premium costs. Most policies have deductibles, which are the amounts that you pay out of your own money before your coverage kicks in. For example, if you have a $1,500 deductible, you will most likely have to pay for medical tests such as MRIs and CT scans up to that amount before your policy will pay. However, the good news is that higher deductibles mean lower premium costs. And you can select the deductible amount that is best for you based on your age, health and budget.



The South Dakota Children’s Health Insurance Program, more commonly referred to as CHIP, provides quality health care (including regular check-ups, Well-Child Care exams, dental and vision care) for children and youth.To be eligible for CHIP, children must be under the age of 19 and current residents of South Dakota. Children who are uninsured or already have health insurance may be eligible for CHIP based on income and eligibility guidelines.


South Dakota individual health insurance plan with the benefit level and price that work best for you:

Economical basic health coverage : Celtic Basic is a low-cost health plan that covers the essentials.
Comprehensive health plan : Celti Care Preferred is an industry-leading, benefit-rich health plan providing flexible, comprehensive coverage.
HSA qualified health plans : Celtic Saver HSA provides high-quality coverage coupled with the option to open a Health Savings Account (HSA).


Keeping your family healthy is essential to enjoying the best quality of life in South Dakota. Family health insurance is one of the best ways to protect their health. Normally, family health insurance plans consist on an individual (usually a parent or other adult) adding immediate family members to their policy. Affordable family health insurance usually costs less than having a separate health insurance policy for each person. Also, a family health insurance plan usually has a higher coverage cap or lower combined deductible than an individual one.