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Individual & Family Health Insurance
Medicare Supplements
Dental Insurance
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Health insurance is an important coverage that helps protect you and your family from the devastating financial effects of unexpected health problems or catastrophic illness. You may receive health coverage through an individual insurance policy, through a policy issued to you as a member of an association group, or through employer sponsored health plan. If your employer sponsored health plan is “self insured” it is not subject to regulation by the Oklahoma Insurance Department. Additional information regarding employer sponsored plans is available below. Although there are other forms of health insurance, the three main categories of health insurance are:
• Policies that offer traditional health insurance;
• Policies that provide managed care services;
• Policies that provide limited benefits.


Stay on Parent’s Plan - if you are a fulltime student, you may be eligible to remain on your parent’s plan. It is easier since your parents will be handling the bills, but if you go to school out-of-state, your coverage levels may not be as robust as they would be in your home state. Also, your parent’s health insurance could be more expensive than other coverage options.

School Sponsored Plan - Some colleges offer their own health plan. Some common concerns with these plans is that they may not cover services off-campus or you can lose eligibility if you are a part-time student. Check to see if your school offers a health plan for its students.

Student Health Plan - These plans are for full-time students typically between 17-29 years old. The major advantage with this plan is that the coverage will travel with you wherever you go in the US. However, it may require you to pay your premium in a single lump-sum amount and it is not available in every state.

Individual and Family Plans - You can also purchase an individual and family health plan. Individual and family health insurance is a type of health insurance coverage that is made available to individuals and families and offers a range of coverage benefits depending on the actual plan you select.

Dependency Rules in Oklahoma

Federal Health reform law states that after September 23, 2010, children are allowed to stay on their parents’ insurance plan until age 26, whether or not they are enrolled in school. Certain states may have additional rules determining dependency eligibility. Check with the Oklahoma State Department of Insurance or your parents’ insurance carrier.


Pharmacy and Prescription Drug Benefits

Community Care is pleased to offer quality pharmacy services and prescription drug benefit programs to its Oklahoma Individual Plan members.

Copay Savings Program

Save on your normal monthly copay by splitting a higher strength tablet in half (of eligible medications) to reach the prescribed daily dose.


You are enrolled in a group plan, but it does not cover spouses or dependents
You are enrolled in a health plan, but the premiums are too high
You are enrolled in a health plan, but your benefits needs have changed