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Individual & Family Health Insurance
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When researching your health insurance options in the state of New Hampshire, there are several questions you should ask yourself when beginning your search. If your employer does not offer benefits, are you healthy enough to obtain health insurance on the individual market? If so, Health Plan One can be of service to you in quoting plans appropriate for your needs and price range.Health Plan One can also assist sole proprietors and small business owners in obtaining small group coverage. Do you have any pre-existing conditions, disabilities, or are you below an income level which could qualify you for free or low-cost health care programs offered by the government. You may be eligible
in New Hampshire for Medicaid, Medical Assistance, Healthy Kids, or the high risk pool.

The type of health insurance familiar to most consumers is group coverage offered by an employer. With group health insurance through your employer the policy is partially paid for by the company on behalf of their employees. The company will contribute a large percentage toward the monthly premium and you (the employee) will be responsible for paying the difference, about 16-27%. With group plans you have little choice in the specific benefits of the plan (these are determined by negotiations between the company and the insurance carrier) but you also cannot be denied coverage under the group plan no matter what prescriptions you may take or preexisting conditions you may have. By insuring a large group of employees together under one plan of the company’s choosing, individual employees are not subject to medical underwriting, rather the entire group is underwritten as a whole to determine the premium level everyone will pay. Therefore, the amount
you pay in premiums as well as the quality of the coverage you receive are dependent not on how healthy you are or what benefits you would like to have, but how healthy your group is as a whole and what benefits the company has chosen for you.


Consider the following statistics about health care coverage in New Hampshire:

Total New Hampshire Residents – 1,304,282
New Hampshire uninsured residents – 10.37%
Total New Hampshire HMO enrollment – 148,360
Avg annual employee premium in NH employer-sponsored plan (after employer contrib): $1,264
Avg NH hospital cost per inpatient day (before insurance) – $1,854



Your first option is to see whether you qualify for a sole proprietor plan. A sole proprietor is someone who is the sole owner and only employee of their company. If you are self-employed and this is your situation, you could qualify for a sole proprietor plan in New Hampshire. Businesses with only one eligible employee are allowed to enroll in a carrier’s small group health plans only during the established sole proprietor open enrollment period from April 1st to October 1st of each year. If you own a small business but are not a sole proprietor, you can apply for a small group plan at any point during the year. You must have 2 or more eligible employees who each work at least 30 hours per week. Sole proprietors and small groups which meet these requirements cannot be denied for coverage by carriers to the plan they apply for.


Some of the specific medical services covered by the Medicaid program include hospital, physician, nursing facility, home health, lab, x-ray, family planning, rural health clinics, prescription drugs, physical-occupational-speech therapy, adult medical day care, medical transportation, medical supplies, durable medical equipment, dental, chiropractor, psychotherapy, podiatry, interpreter, advanced registered nurse practitioners, certified midwife, private duty nursing, EPSDT (early, periodic, screening and diagnostic testing), newborn home visits, extended services to pregnant women, personal care attendant, vision care, audiology, nursing facility, and home and community based care for the elderly.  The program also covers services for developmentally disabled individuals and persons with acquired brain disorders, as well as services at community mental health centers.


New Hampshire Healthy Kids (NHHK) is a non-profit organization which provides access to low-cost or free health coverage for uninsured children and teens under age 19 in the state. There are 3 levels of programs within NHHK. Healthy Kids Gold provides health and dental services for kids and teens at no cost to their families. Healthy Kids Silver provides uninsured children and teens with a low-cost health and dental plan. Healthy Kids Buy-In (a program which does not receive any state or federal funding) is for families with higher incomes and no health insurance plan for their children. If your child is a non-citizen but a legal resident, you may be eligible for the Buy-In program. Teenagers over the age of 19 who are still enrolled in high school are also eligible for the Healthy Kids Buy-In program. Your child must be uninsured for three months before they can join the program.