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Individual & Family Health Insurance
Medicare Supplements
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Many health reforms under the Affordable Care Act (ACA) are changes to health insurance, designed to expand access to health coverage and protect consumers who have private insurance.

Coverage for Young Adults :  Information about the expanded opportunity for young adults to remain covered under their parent’s health plan until age 26, about Minnesota public health programs for young adults, and student health insurance plans for Minnesota college students.

Alternatives if Turned Down for Coverage :  Information about options under state and federal high risk pools and Minnesota public health programs if a person is turned down for coverage in the private market.

Coverage of Preexisting Conditions :  Information about requirements for insurance companies to cover preexisting condition, which have already started for children under age 19 and will begin for adults in January 2014.

Restrictions on Lifetime and Annual Limits :  Information about changes to lifetime and annual dollar limits on health plan benefits.

Medicaid Expansion :  Details on the expansion of Medical Assistance (Minnesota’s Medicaid program)

Right to Appeal Health Plan Decisions :  Information on appealing health plan decisions.

Requirement to have Health Coverage :  Information about the health coverage requirement, penalties and exceptions under federal health reform. This section looks at requirements for both consumers and employers.

Essential Health Benefits :  Details on other changes to insurance coverage under the Affordable Care Act (ACA) through Essential Health Benefits.


Consider the following statistics about health care coverage in Minnesota:

Total Minnesota Residents – 5,149,318
Minnesota uninsured residents – 8.51%
Total Minnesota HMO enrollment – 1,107,509
Avg annual employee premium in MN employer-sponsored plan (after employer contrib): $891
Avg MN hospital cost per inpatient day (before insurance) – $1,500

The Minnesota Health Plan was designed around nine principles that are necessary conditions for any health care system to keep people healthy and provide high quality health care. Under the legislation, these principles would be legal requirements that the MN Health Plan must meet.
(1) Ensure all Minnesotans receive high quality health care, regardless of their income.
(2) Not restrict, delay, or deny care or reduce the quality of care to hold down costs, but instead reduce costs through prevention, efficiency, and reduction of bureaucracy.
(3) Cover all necessary care, including all coverage currently required by law, complete mental health services, chemical dependency treatment, prescription drugs, medical equipment and supplies, dental care, long-term care, and home care services.
(4) Allow patients to choose their own providers.
(5) Be funded through premiums and other payments based on the person’s ability to pay, so as not to deny full access to any Minnesotan.
(6) Focus on preventive care and early intervention to improve the health of all Minnesotans and reduce costs from untreated illnesses and diseases.
(7) Ensure an adequate number of qualified health care professionals and facilities to guarantee availability of, and timely access to, quality care throughout the state.
(8) Continue Minnesota’s leadership in medical education, training, research, and technology.
(9) Provide adequate and timely payments to providers.