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It is very important that when you start looking for California health insurance coverage that you understand the difference between group and individual plans. There is a distinct difference and it could really help you narrow down your choices right in the beginning to understand the difference.

Group health insurance is a plan that you get because you belong to a group, usually through your employer. Group plans have one major benefit and that is that they do not usually require underwriting. This means they accept anyone into the plan without any type of limitations or restrictions. This is a good thing for someone with a pre existing health condition.

Individual health insurance plans, on the other hand, are pickier. They will require underwriting and may deny people with pre existing conditions. However, the major benefit of individual health insurance plans is that they are 1/3 to ½ the cost of group insurance plans. In other words they are more affordable.

Of course you choice to go with a group or individual plan should take into consideration your personal health situation. If you are generally healthy then an individual health insurance plan may be the better, more affordable choice