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Tonik California Plan Overviews:

Anthem Blue Cross of California offers three different Tonik plans:

1) the Thrill Seeker (Tonik 5000)

2) the Part-time Daredevil (Tonik 3000)

3) the Calculated Risk-taker (Tonik 1500)

What is the difference between the different plans?

All three Tonik plans offer the same all-around coverage: preventive, emergency, prescriptions, eyes, and teeth. The only difference is the monthly premium, deductible, co-pay, and number of doctor’s visits included. The chart below outlines each plan.

For any questions about the health benefits, co-pay, or any other questions, please refer to our or call us at 1-800-405-1765 to speak with a licensed health professional who will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Tonik California Plan Comparison Overview Chart:

Thrill Seeker Part-time Daredevil Calculated Risk-taker
deductible $5000 $3000 $1500
average monthly cost $78-$117 $94-$134 $129-$189
doctor’s visit $20 (4 visits/year) $30 (4 visits/year) $40 (unlimited visits)
generic drugs $10 $10 $10
ER visit $0 after deductible $0 after deductible $0 after deductible
inpatient hospital $0 after deductible $0 after deductible $0 after deductible
dental deductible* $25 $25 $25
cleaning & exams $0 $0 $0
fillings 20% 20% 20%
vision benefit** $150 $150 $150
more information click here click here click here

*All Tonik plans include the same Anthem Blue Cross PPO dental maintenance plan. Checkups, cleanings and your initial x-rays are free. If you need a filling you only pay the $25 dental deductible and 20% of the procedure, and Tonik pays the remaining 80%.

**Vision does not require a deductible or co-pay. Tonik will reimburse you $50 for routine eye exams, regular glasses, or contact lenses no matter where you go for these services. Tonik also covers up to $100 for your glasses or $80 for contacts every two years when you use the BlueView Vision Network. In addition, when you use the BlueView Vision network you only pay $25 for most eyeglass lenses.