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Individual & Family Health Insurance
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Thank you for your interest in Healthinz, we are independent agents for Anthem Blue Cross, a company committed to making healthcare work for all of us. For more than six decades we’ve been helping Californians maintain a healthy way of life. We use our strength, resources and experience to make health care more accessible, particularly for individuals and families who purchase insurance directly.

From our vast doctor network to alternative medicine coverage to personalized plans, toll-free help lines and member-focus services, we are one of California’s leading health plans. Please explore this site to find out more about our options for Individuals and Families.

Protect Your Family with Health Insurance

Are you currently covered? Do you worry about your family’s health? Especially in today’s economic times, it is already stressful enough without having to worry about your family’s health. Don’t wait, get health insurance now. Not only are online sign-up fast and simple, but they are also environmentally friendly by eliminating tons of paper work. With the amount of information available, shopping for the right insurance can be a painless process. You might be worried that a pre-existing condition will make finding individual health coverage more complicated and pricier, but that shouldn’t discourage you from shopping for insurance. In today’s market there are many plans to accommodate your special needs and concerns Whether it is just a simple doctor’s visit or a major sugary, medical insurance will provide you with coverage when you need it most.

Finding the right balance between cost and coverage can be a challenge, but it’s a necessity for yourself and your family’s well-being. Therefore, take your search one step at a time. The first step is to evaluate your needs and recognize your health insurance options. For instance, the premiums for similar products from different insurers can vary by as much as 50 percent for the same person. Since price is probably the most baffling aspect of individual health policies, it’s worth your while to shop around and compare quotes and options. Of course when searching for the right insurance you must take into consider certain factors such as cost, benefit, service, and dependability. Not only might you want to compare name and reliability, but more importantly you don’t want to spend hundreds on a plan that will only cause more frustration. How much will this plan cost me? Will I receive enough benefit and good customer service for the coverage I’m paying for? All of these factors are important, as are many others that pertain to your individual needs. So why hesitate, even if you’re healthy, you may never know when you may be in need of coverage from a fall or a serious car accident. Don’t forget that you will lose your pre-existing condition coverage in most states if you go without insurance for more than 63 days. Get quotes from top companies such as Blue Cross and Blue Shield. Both Blue Cross and Blue Shield are among top healthcare providers who have assisted individual and families like yours with healthcare coverage from simple doctor visits to major surgeries. They have established names and strong reputations to back their legitimacy.